PROJECT: Grass Herbs & Fruit


Many years and generations of memories made and enjoyed in and about this place. The spirits of those memories and experiences, as well as new dreams, dance magically in the air we breathe now.  I am honored to have been gifted these life experiences and appreciate this opportunity to introduce:

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This is our home, our business, our life and our passion.

We are an ordinary family sharing our story and our journey as we downshift into a more meaningful, regenerative lifestyle. As early adopters of change we become more mindful, and in doing so we become more self-reliant. We have turned our focus back on to what really matters. Connection, family, relationships. We will continue creating and enjoying life with our loved ones, in our own homes, with our home based livelihoods!


Learn more about who we are by following our story as we go.




Savoring and basking in the deliciousness this life has to offer, all from home sweet home, planet earth. Sharing this experience with our sweetest of sweethearts, sprinkling goodness, love and kindness. Leaving a trail of high vibes, high fives and bits of hope for those in need.  We grow a bunch of our own food, and share what works so others can do the same.

We enjoy our harvest when it is fresh, and we “put up” { preserve = can, freeze, dry } our abundant harvest that cannot be consumed immediately, for future use.


Say, it’s cold and snowy outside, and you want some chili. Imagine having homegrown, homemade tomato juice, sauce, paste whatever already on hand in the house. Just saying tomatoes are super easy to grow, harvest and preserve from start to finish, and super fun too. Plant the seeds, grow the maters, eat warm maters, put maters up. Then in January add a quart jar or two to your chili beans.

(We can show you how to do this too.


Head on over to our Farmer’s Market to see what seasonal homegrown goodies we have available right now..!)


We also forage so we can wildcraft. And, really it can be just as easy as grabbing some dandelion greens, or clover, or — fill in the blank, from your land.

(do this only if you are sure your “weeds” have not been exposed or had any chemicals applied directly or indirectly.  (Think about what your neighbors or immediate community uses to control “weeds”.)

There are mushrooms to find in the woods, different kinds of nuts that can be collected, processed and made into baking flour. (all of these areas of interest are covered in our classes, seminars, webinars, PDF’s, videos, coaching/mentoring programs)

We spend our dollars with local farmers, local businesses and every day plain folk people just like us.

Welcome to our Journey! We’re glad you are here and can not wait to actually meet you in person. Feel free to click around, explore.

The calendar is a great place to start to look for information. I absolutely cannot function without a paper planner/agenda to guide my way and help direct my steps, and here online should be no different. I am/We are followers of the rhythms of the seasons.  Check us out. Drop us a message with any questions or concerns.

Here’s to the GOOD LIFE!

xoxo ~ Casandra & Josh +A.R.A. & 5 cats.